Dr. Jacqueleen Kolessar

Dr. Jacqueleen Kolessar

Designation: Licensed Professional Counselor, EdD, LPC, NCC

Seeking therapy can be filled with uncertainties of how it can really help you. I invite you to contact me for a 15 minute phone consultation to learn how therapy can benefit you. I cover a wide range of needs. So whether you are dealing with symptoms of depression or life stressors that make you feel tired, defeated, anxious, lack of focus, frustrated, and overwhelmed, or you just need help with goal planning, time management skills, developing skills to deal with conflict in the work place, or conquer a fear of public speaking, then look no further, I can provide you the level of service that you need to achieve your goals!

I have counseled clients with the following: severe mental illness, life balance, life stressors, conflict, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, life adjustment with relationships, family, college, new job, or loss. I have helped clients that struggle with relationship issues and breakups, and how to begin a new relationship.

I provide a client-specific treatment where you can set the goals you wish to achieve, while feeling safe, understood and empowered. I specialize in helping with social and emotional wellness that can impact the way we manage life and staying positive during difficult times. Together we will explore your stressors and find new ways to help you thrive!

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